Sophisticated and secure clocking terminals should be the centr

  • The first point of contact for any solid and trusted T and A system performs, devoid of a question, a huge part in its general level of performance, and that is specifically exactly where Tensor's advanced Clocking systems succeed to shine, given their outstanding degree of security, in addition to their velocity and simplicity of use.

    Tensor's T32xx series are all-in-one, economical, IP enabled time and attendance clocking stations that will enable users to significantly enhance their ability to check their employee's activities during their working patterns.

    The Tensor clocking systems could be easily mounted on almost in any location, since they sport a tough Polycarbonate IP55 case measuring 240x170x55mm. Also, they pack a 480 x 272 Pixel Colour LCD that makes it simple and easy for workers to confirm their clockings, check flexi time hours or make job-booking transactions.

    The stations come packed with an Illuminated Keypad for ease of text input & use, too as a friendly Graphical User Interface that makes using the Tensor T32xx clocking terminal easy and effortless for those individuals likely to use it.

    Plus, they're also really versatile, since each clocking station can hold information for up to 8,000 employees, while the T32xx's built-in memory can also hold information of up to 32,000 clocking transactions during a comms downtime.

    Tensor's T32xx clocking systems are very versatile, as they support EM & HID Prox™, HID iClass™, DesFire™ or MiFare™ Card technologies. The smart cards may be easily used while being stored in a wallet or purse with out harming credit cards, since their sophisticated smart card access control technology enables them to be read even through non-metallic items.

    Beside using smart cards for clocking, Tensor's T32xx Time and Attendance terminals can also be fitted with biometric fingerprint readers, practically eliminating any buddy clocking attempts.

    In fact, depending on a company's requirements, Tensor offers several modules in the T32xx clocking stations series, including Smart Card only, Biometrics only, Smart Card + PIN, PIN & Biometrics, Smart Card & Biometric or Smart Card, PIN & Biometric (3-factor).

    It's also extremely useful to point out that the Tensor T32xx clocking systems grant fast and easy access to the Fire Roll Call feature, 1 of the most interesting (and important) functions available with all of Tensor's Time and Attendance . In fact, when the clocking terminals are connected to the company’s fire alarm system, they can easily trigger a fast, automated fire evacuation list. Moreover, the fire roll call program enables the individual monitoring of employees' movements between fire zone/fire assembly points, etc.

    Fire Roll Call is not the only provision for crisis situations that Tensor's T32xx clocking terminals are capable of providing. In fact, the systems offer Battery Backup using Li-Ion technology & Local Fail-Safe Storage for power and/or communications loss.

    Additionally, the Tensor clocking stations can be extremely trustworthy in a variety of situations, since they can easily function independently of the PC, if the PC is switched off or fails.

    Additionally, the clocking station might be set, via the PC software, in order to send email alerts in case of an emergency.

    Furthermore, the clock can be connected to GSM/3G modems for communications in locations lacking Ethernet connectivity via a GSM/3G modem supplied separately (or for those emergency situations when the Ethernet networks get damaged/become unavailable, for some reason). Have a peek at this site