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  • seo consultant cambridge is a collection of activities, with the purpose of aligning a website presence to search engine operators. Associated with this orientation, the expectation is to increase the positioning of a web presence or targeted sites with respect to the positioning in the search engines. For example, search engines are Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Goal of optimizing websites is primarily to improve the organic rankings in the search results. Organic The organic search results are the search results that appear additionally connected to the gesposerten results such as AdWords with local hits as a result of a search query. Be successful with search engine consultancy Berlin from komBAS Ltd..

    Search engine optimization is relevant for whom?

    Why website owners have to deal with this area SEO mandatory? The answer to this question is quite simple - it is money! 91% of websites are geared to achieve a financial return. The reasons may be different: it may be, for example, an advertisement financing your own website, or to generate a livelihood. Content Creation with software komBAS Limited.

    In most cases, websites serve but to make a profit, which is used to Finanzierund cost of living. Frequently started as Nebeneinkunft, but are becoming available online services, for which the website is the main source of income for the settlement of livelihood. Unfortunately, there's the online competition, namely the other competitors in the same industry. Namely hundreds or thousands of website operators, the same goal as you follow exactly.

    Backlinks are links from other websites to your own website. The so-called reverse linking is for the provider is an indicator of the above Relevant. It often follows an improved position in the search engines, like others, thematically related websites. Refer many websites on their back website, which is a measure of increased relevance. The factor of backlinks is allocated to the Off-Page optimization criteria of a website. The ranking of online presence in the search results thus determined by the criteria of on-page and off page criteria. Text Spinning with software.

    Right here is the problem: for example, the niche of "wellness". Now, if an interested party in a search engine that term, the keyword "spa" enters, who is on their list of the search engines result pages, and above all, in what ranking? Who is up and who is behind? Search engine operators to have invented the term "relevance". And this figure is called relevance. With the use of the term "relevance" rating, the problem can be easily solved.

    Regularly new thematic content and obtain a better ranking. This review includes the following main factors that we need to examine more closely: High quality content, topic-related and continuously publish. As operators of websites you have the opportunity to control all three components themselves.

    On-Page Optimization summarizes these criteria optimization together.She Shop but do not know in what form can influence the search engines incorporated these factors into the assessment. This dilemma is complicated by the fact that the search engine giant expand this relevance criterion, namely the so-called backlinks.

    Backlinks are links from other websites to your website. This so-called reverse linking is a measure of the Relevant described above for the operators of search engines. This is usually accompanied by a higher position on the search engines, like other, thematically related websites. A high number of backlinks cause a high relevance. Backlinks are one of the features in the off page optimization of websites. These success criteria are key measures and activity areas in search engine optimization, with which we deal in the following parts of this course for search engine optimization.