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  • In the not too distant past it was normal practice for businesses to advertise their services in newspapers and local telephone directories.As most people look online when they are in need of new products or services, it makes sense to focus business advertising on the internet.The market has changed a lot over recent years when it comes to internet advertising, and what was once a level playing field for small and big businesses, isn't so equal as it used to be.Having a lot more spending power than average means that larger businesses can take their pick of search engine optimisation services and the best key phrases to get themselves more custom, which means that they're leaving just the bare bones for the smaller businesses to pick from.It seems to be the same old story of disadvantage for small business, however this isn't strictly the whole story as it is actually possible to access free advertising online.

    Despite the fact that SEO campaigns aren't always as good as they could be, companies feel that they need to pay a lot.There are now a number of companies out there offering SEO services, and the market has grown considerably in recent years.Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has seen a number of new companies who are only too willing to take their customers cash, without delivering on their promises of better search result rankings.So it seems that a bit of research is going to be required if you are going to secure success for your company through SEO.Otherwise you may just find that your business advertising campaigns have been a costly mistake.

    For free packages and services that allow you to advertise free of charge, be sure to check out Local Link Up.Two industry experts, Mark Hallam and Stuart Forrest took matters into their own hands in 2009 when they decided to create Local Link Up which is designed to meet the needs of customers who are wishing to get noticed online, but lack the funds that were once necessary to get you there.They are able to provide you with free advertising online without a contract or obligations.Many Local Link Up customers will choose to upgrade from a free advertising package to a Pay per Rank service where they can actually guarantee themselves a page one position on Google for a very small cost each month,The best thing about this service is that if it is not successful for some reason then it will not cost you a penny, and there is no other provider who can do that for you.And better still you always have the freedom to revert back to a more basic package at any time should you wish to do so as there is no contract involved with the service, you only need to send a quick email and you can even keep the website too if you want to.

    Free advertising is something that you cannot beat, there is real potential there to attract new customers and build awareness of your company, but if it doesn't work for you then at least you've not wasted money on it!And signing up to the pay per rank service is risk free too seeing as you only have to pay a small fee if you get the results that you expect, so you don't pay for something that doesn't work so you should check it out.With the help of such innovative services you have got nothing to lose.

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